A proven team of Amazon experts

that allow you to focus on building your brand.

  • Learn | Initial Consultation

    Win-win game plan with clear expectations and your goals in mind

  • Onboard | Optimize

    Full transparency; all teams aligned from day 1

  • Grow | Refine

    Structured collaboration with you and your team to reach your goals

  • Inventory | Always in stock and monitoring overstock + COGS

    Your own inventory manager will create FBA shipments and coordinate directly with your suppliers, 3PLs, and freight forwarders. Your inventory manager will communicate with your PPC/sales team to forecast inventory and suggest target order/ship dates. Our sourcing team is your boots on the ground in China keeping your suppliers honest and your inventory costs low. All you have to do is approve the order and pay your suppliers.

  • Sales & PPC | Always “running a play” on each ASIN/KW

    After working with over 500+ products in the last 7 years, we have built and continue to build standard plays to react to the most common scenarios (new launches, top of the category, brand leader, relaunches, liquidations, low/high inventory, more). When it comes time, your account manager walks you through these plays so you have a full understanding of the approach. We work together to finalize specific steps and timelines to approach your specific situation.

  • Growth + Strategy | Always growing, testing, and planning for new opportunities

    You launch products consistently and Amazon releases new features all the time. If you don’t take advantage of them, your competitors will. Your team will guide you through these updates and how to approach them in an efficient and effective way. Our pricing model allows us to build in these growth efforts so you can react to new features immediately at no additional cost. While other agencies work on how to package it into a service, your team maintains focus on how to be effective with every option Amazon gives.

  • Always communicating

    A direct line to your Amazon strategist who oversees your team of specialists. Customized reporting for on demand status updates to everything going on in your account. Structured strategy sessions to review performance and align on targets + goals.

  • Roger Vi

    CEO / Head of Operations

  • Sean Stone

    Sales & PPC Director

  • Alice Xu

    Inventory & Sourcing Manager

  • Attila Barti

    Catalog & PPC Manager

  • Jeni Ebias

    Operations Assistant

  • Athena Davadilla

    Seller Central Specialist

  • Aubrey Salle

    Seller Central Specialist

  • Tipu Raja

    Advertising Specialist

  • Syed Ali

    Advertising Specialist

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